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GEMs Link only to https: web pages

Royaltie does not yet provide usage statistics

Each GEM has one message and one link

Buying your own secure web site to work with the GEMs can be very expensive

The average person does not have the skills to build and manage their own secure web site

Each change of Tag Line or https link with Royaltie requires approval and takes significant time
is a secure web site

Nearby You will link your GEMs to any other http: or https: web page

Every web link has full individual statistics so you know when your page has been accessed

You receive personalized landing pages to market your Royaltie GEM business

You receive 10 URL links to bridge between your GEMs and your own secure or
non-secure web sites

Every link update is done quickly and checked to ensure it works

Your 12 personal secure web pages are available by monthly subscription

You may use Paypal or credit card for payment

You may cancel at any time

We offer monthly payment or an
annual payment

Option 1:
US $12 per month

Option 2:
US $120 for 1 Year

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